South Africa has long been featured across the most credible travel publications as being one of the best destinations. The likes of Condé Nast, Forbes, Airbnb and CNN have listed the country and/or its cities as must-visits.
Planning a safari? Not sure when to come or where to go? Read about when is the best time to visit Kruger National Park, the world’s most renowned game reserve.
This is a really tough one. Not because there are so few to choose from, but because there are thousands of absolutely stunning places in South Africa that would make your Instagram profile seriously enviable.
If you haven’t noticed from our abundance of photos and videos, here at Fire Island Eco Retreats, we are passionate about animals. During our time learning about our extraordinary wildlife world, we’ve picked up some amazing and often amusing facts about animals.
Southern Africa is a global hotspot for biodiversity. South Africa is ranked as the third most biodiverse country in the world, with 15% of the world’s total species having been recorded within the nation.
In our more conscious than ever world, don’t let your travels let you down. There are ways that you can travel more mindfully. In other words, low-impact, ethical vacations.
The boat ploughs over the gentle chop, leaving the mainland as a speck far behind us. In the distance appears a small island. Not flat, as you expect from a typical tropical island, but with structures that give the impression of boating up to a velvety round cushion. As we
Imagine a sanctuary where a dazzling array of wildlife wanders freely — and so can you. The Marloth Park Conservancy is where the wilderness meets wellness. This tranquil nature conservancy may be 45 years old, but it remains one of South Africa’s best-kept safari secrets.
An intoxicating mosaic of indigenous forest and tempting turquoise waters, Machangulo is a secluded peninsula in southern Mozambique. There is a playground of bountiful beaches, choice watersports, plus a delicious dose of culture in one easy-to-access sanctuary.
When you hear the word ‘poacher’, images of ruthless men, slaughtering elephants and rhinoceros and waving bloody tusks and horns, tend to pop into your head. However, what does it mean to poach?
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