Planning a holiday that brings you to the best of the bush and beach without being overrun by tourists? Find out about southern Africa's best-kept vacation secret.
Southern Africa is a global hotspot for biodiversity. South Africa is ranked as the third most biodiverse country in the world, with 15% of the world’s total species having been recorded within the nation.
When Ilha do Fogo was purchased almost a decade ago, the motivation to build a boutique resort quickly went out of the window, and instead, a marine conservation action plan was put in place. Its main goal? To protect the endangered and critically endangered turtles visiting and nesting on the
In our more conscious than ever world, don’t let your travels let you down. There are ways that you can travel more mindfully. In other words, low-impact, ethical vacations.
The boat ploughs over the gentle chop, leaving the mainland as a speck far behind us. In the distance appears a small island. Not flat, as you expect from a typical tropical island, but with structures that give the impression of boating up to a velvety round cushion. As we
It’s not every day you are invited to a private island – but on that day saying ‘Yes’ seemed like a pretty good idea. So, when my PhD student, Sasha Dines was invited to Ilha do Fogo in Mozambique in February, and there was space for me to join the
One of the many victims was the critically endangered hawksbill turtle, and another, was the endangered green turtle. They came across several discarded turtle shells, upon which, there were markings that were evidently from harpoon points.
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