Lynette Whittaker

Travel Sommelier & Managing Director

About Lynette

Lynette is a trailblazer in the advertising and hospitality industries. In 2018, she ignited the spark of Fire Island Eco Retreats, weaving her magic into every thread of the business, down to the pulse of daily operations. At the end of 2023, Lynette passed on the torch of FIER to embrace the allure of travel and marketing.

September 2023 marked the dawn of Unfound, a beacon of innovation in marketing and hospitality, crafted to meet the ever-shifting tides of the industry. Under Lynette’s management, Unfound has blossomed, expanding its reach and bolstering its presence. As the chief travel researcher, Lynette curates our collection of accommodations, destinations, and experiences to resonate with the ethos of Unfound.

Her mission is to guide intrepid souls to hidden gems, offering immersive, nature-infused escapades to the unfound.Lynette’s dedication to guest service excellence and her pledge to eco-centricity are the cornerstones of each Unfound experience. Her commitment intertwines with her role at Earth Legacy Foundation, the carbon offset projects of Unfound, ensuring that every journey leaves a gentle footprint on the heart of the earth.