Esther Jacobs

Communications & Sustainability Manager

About Esther

Meet Esther, the dynamic force spearheading media relations for Unfound and championing green initiatives at Earth Legacy Foundation, our carbon offset projects. Her dual role as conservation manager is marked by a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

With over two decades of experience in communications, Esther has spent the last ten years immersed in the world of conservation and travel. Her path has woven through marine eco-tourism, research, and conservation institutions, where she has served as the digital herald for their pioneering projects and scientific breakthroughs. As a co-author of three scientific papers, she understands the critical role of research and empirical data in advancing conservation efforts. Her expertise was further enhanced in 2023 with a Project Management for Wildlife Conservation qualification from WildTeam.

Esther’s heart beats for conservation and the enigmatic allure of wildlife. She’s determined to preserve the natural wonders she adored as a child for her daughters, ensuring they too can bask in the beauty of our planet. In the office, she’s known for her lighthearted yet earnest enforcement of eco-friendly practices, notably through the “naughty jar” for any single-use plastic offenders.