One of the many victims was the critically endangered hawksbill turtle, and another, was the endangered green turtle. They came across several discarded turtle shells, upon which, there were markings that were evidently from harpoon points.
When the owner, Robert Koski, and logistics specialist, Jan Van Deventer, visited Ilha do Fogo in Northern Mozambique back in 2014, their agenda was to look into setting up infrastructure for a boutique, five-star resort. However, what they discovered on the island changed the entire course of their plans.
When the first Arab explorers in their dhows sailed down through the Sea of Zanj from Arabia they discovered many small islands and, as they explored, they left few traces of their passing and must have been in awe of the absolutely unspoiled nature of the seas they sailed through.
When you hear the word ‘poacher’, images of ruthless men, slaughtering elephants and rhinoceros and waving bloody tusks and horns, tend to pop into your head. However, what does it mean to poach?
When you walk through our beautiful Vida Nova Retreat and Vida Nova Kruger lodges, your eyes will be drawn to the evocative and unique wildlife artwork, gracing the walls. The amazing talent behind these paintings is South African born, Noorden impressionist artist, Sylvia de Villiers.
“Water! Water! We have water!” I yelled, “We did it”. The relief, after many setbacks and months of preparation, flowed over me like the fresh clear drops dripping at my sandy feet.
In Mozambique, there are five species of sea turtles that occur along the coast. They are all threatened and, therefore, protected by law (as they have been for over 45 years). Despite efforts to reduce the effect of illegal fishing on sea turtle populations, the capture of these creatures still
Well, lockdown, Covid-19 and a worldwide pandemic have got everyone feeling on edge – and rightly so. While we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, the only constant, for now, is our surrounding environment. At Unfound Africa, we take pride in giving back to nature. While we’re
At Unfound Africa, we’re more than a conservation ideology – we’re a family. As such, we want to look after those around us.
You found us.
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