This is a really tough one. Not because there are so few to choose from, but because there are thousands of absolutely stunning places in South Africa that would make your Instagram profile seriously enviable.
If you haven’t noticed from our abundance of photos and videos, here at Unfound Africa, we are passionate about animals. During our time learning about our extraordinary wildlife world, we’ve picked up some amazing and often amusing facts about animals.
I think of myself as a bit of a romantic. In my 40-something years, I’ve been lucky to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful locations, and many of them have been laden with romance. I realise that I don’t know where you’ve travelled to in your life, but
Earth Legacy Foundation will premiere “Symphony in Sea Major” to audiences across South Africa and Mozambique. Featuring musicians of the internationally acclaimed Viennese Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra, the classical music concert aims to raise funds for marine and wildlife conservation.
Southern Africa is a global hotspot for biodiversity. South Africa is ranked as the third most biodiverse country in the world, with 15% of the world’s total species having been recorded within the nation.
Packing with purpose can really help the environment. It can even help your pocket. Being considerate of what you pack, and how you pack, is the first step to becoming a more eco-conscious traveller. Here are our top tips for environmentally-friendly packing on your next break.
Think back to a time when you’ve let yourself completely switch off from work. You feel far more relaxed and removed from the pressure of workloads. Taking some time to unplug, unwind, and mentally disengage from your job is essential to your well-being. Many employees show improved stress levels over
There’s one thing that unites the world. Every single person needs it. Some people enjoy the finer side of it, and some scramble to get enough just to stay alive – Food.
When Ilha do Fogo was purchased almost a decade ago, the motivation to build a boutique resort quickly went out of the window, and instead, a marine conservation action plan was put in place. Its main goal? To protect the endangered and critically endangered turtles visiting and nesting on the
In our more conscious than ever world, don’t let your travels let you down. There are ways that you can travel more mindfully. In other words, low-impact, ethical vacations.
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