Sustainable Luxury hospitiality marketing & consultancy

Who we are

Unfound stands at the forefront of sustainable luxury hospitality marketing and services. Our mission is to champion lesser-known, unique luxury travel destinations for the traveller who values exclusivity and eco-responsibility.

“Unfound works with hospitality and leisure brands to forge connections with consumers at every level, down to the smallest detail. Through our strategic hospitality marketing, we craft each brand interaction to enhance customer loyalty and deliver innovative, memorable experiences.”

Our Unfound portfolio is focused on more than just accommodation. We value the destination and crafting unforgettable experiences that offer connections with nature. Through meticulous selection and a commitment to sustainability, we partner with hospitality and leisure brands to showcase their properties to a global audience.

Our Team

Unfound’s team consists of industry experts with high-level, comprehensive expertise. Our directors and senior management possess extensive backgrounds in luxury travel, hospitality operations, marketing, emerging hospitality developments, logistics, and sustainable practices, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled service and results.

We comprehensively understand the needs and challenges of the hospitality and business industries and take pride in our bespoke approach.

Lynette Whittaker


Lynette, a trailblazer in advertising and hospitality, founded Fire Island Eco Retreats in 2018, and after nurturing it to success, she sold her stake in 2023 to pursue her passion for travel and marketing with Unfound. Now, as Unfound’s top travel researcher and a key player in Earth Legacy Foundation, she’s dedicated to delivering unparalleled eco-friendly travel experiences and guest services..

Jan van Deventer


Jan’s career, from humble beginnings as a waiter to co-founder of Fire Island Eco Retreats, reflects a passion for hospitality that’s taken him from 4×4 trails in Botswana to the TV and film industry as a Location Scout. His diverse experiences have honed a deep understanding of remote destination management and marketing, making him a maestro in the travel and tourism industries..

Esther Jacobs


Esther’s expertise in strategic communications is equally matched by her fervent commitment to sustainability and her skilful management of wildlife conservation projects. Her adeptness in both outreach and education forms the backbone of our conservation efforts, while her decades-long sustainability practices ensure we walk the talk of environmental responsibility..

Bernadene Claassens

Account & Project Manager

Klea Ferreira

Head of Digital

Esther Jacobs

Head of Content

Andre Carstens


Loané Kritzinger


Neill du Toit

Search Engine Marketer & Developer

Connor Evans

Web Developer
& UX Desinger

Nicolaas Steenkamp

Web Developer
& UX Desinger

Saskia Rezelman

& Illustrator

Our Services

Our services include personalised marketing campaigns, digital media strategies, brand auditing and consultancy, sales initiatives, and networking opportunities to showcase the unique offerings of each property we represent, maximising the results. Via our partner company, Grindstone Advertising, we broaden our offerings to include direct marketing, digital campaigns, web development, and social media campaigns, ensuring all-encompassing support for our clients.

– Marketing and Promotion
– Brand Crafting
– Consultancy
– Partnership Development
– Digital Solutions
– Portfolio Management
– Tailored Services

Marketing and Promotion

Specialising in undiscovered luxury and sustainable destinations, we can assist with a tailor-made marketing strategy and implementation of the strategy. We offer promotion through our Unfound platforms, or directly through our client’s own platforms. Some of our services include representation of brands at trade shows, promotional planning, advertising, and competitive analysis.

Marketing and Promotion

Specialising in undiscovered luxury and sustainable destinations, we can assist with a tailor-made marketing strategy and implementation of the strategy. We offer promotion through our Unfound platforms, or directly through our client’s own platforms. Some of our services include representation of brands at trade shows, promotional planning, advertising, and competitive analysis.

Brand Crafting

Creating loyalty-inspiring interactions and increasing customer retention through thoughtful brand strategies. Our branding services extend to brand alignment and development, corporate identity development, development, corporate stationery (letterheads, email signatures, virtual business cards, fact sheets, etc), as well as social media and digital designs, illustrations, and more. We can also conduct comprehensive brand audits to evaluate your brand’s position in the market, ensuring that every aspect of your brand resonates with your audience.


Providing expert advice to enhance service standards and promote sustainable practices in the hospitality sector. Our specialists analyse occupancies and reservation revenues, delve into reservation sheets, and develop strategies to strengthen marketing initiatives. With our seasoned expertise in hospitality management and operations, we implement strategic solutions tailored to each property, ensuring a return on investment and optimal utilisation of assets.

Partnership Development

Building long-term relationships with clients and travellers for mutual success. We offer networking opportunities at functions, associations, meetings, and other trade and corporate events. Our experienced representatives can reach out to tour operators, travel agents, PCOs, corporations and clients to create and strengthen partnerships and provide rate distribution services.

Digital Solutions

Offering web development, social media advertising campaigns, and digital marketing, through our affiliate company Grindstone Advertising. Services can include media and PR, high-quality blogs and newsletters, exposure to our extensive local and international database, and webinars.

Portfolio Management

Our curated selection of non-competing, complementary properties that align with our values. Includes an online document management system (agent portal) that ensures that your products and information are available 24/7 internationally. We also create packages that combine with other suitable properties, airlines, charter companies, activities, plus transfer and car rental companies – view our collection

Tailored Services

We craft personalised strategies to meet the specific needs of your luxury and eco-conscious accommodation or destination. Our approach will always be rooted in sustainability, ensuring that every aspect of our consultancy services not only enhances guest experience and business success but also honours the environment. Utilising our suite of services, our goal will be to elevate your brand’s visibility while encouraging a culture of responsible luxury sought by the discerning traveller.

Our Mission

Our defining trait is a steadfast dedication to spotlighting destinations that break the mould, preferring the uncharted and pristine over the well-trodden, thereby offering luxury and exclusivity that is unrivalled. Unfound’s stringent vetting process ensures that each venue aligns with our criteria for service distinction, environmental mindfulness, commitment to the community, and luxuriousness.

We forge meaningful long-term partnerships with our stakeholders to provide tangible results, firmly believing that our success lies in our clients’ success. Unfound’s clients are proprietors of boutique establishments, exclusive retreats, and owner-operated properties that share our passion for sustainability and luxury experiences.

By partnering with Unfound, our clients not only gain access to premier marketing and consultancy services but also become an integral part of our sustainability journey. Each client is automatically enrolled in our carbon offset initiatives and contributes to Earth Legacy Foundation, our non-profit dedicated to environmental preservation. This collaboration ensures that we collectively uphold our commitment to the planet’s well-being while we elevate your brand.

Through our professional guidance and industry experience, we empower our clients to become leaders in the hospitality sector, driving economic growth while preserving the environment, enlightening the destination, and enriching the lives of travellers.

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