Shawa Luangwa Camp



South Luangwa National Park sets the camp apart from all the other areas. The Valley of the Leopards is truly something special.

As Jacob Shawa, the head guide at the camp says, no two days are the same and each day is a new discovery.

We’ve introduced the first-ever silent safaris to the South Luangwa National Park. Electric Landcruisers allow you to sneak up on the famous oxbow lagoons without startling the game going about their normal routines.

Shawa was also named after the famous Jacob who has spent his life guiding these paths and will undoubtedly show you everything South Luangwa has to offer.

4 luxury tents
Double, Ensuite. Elevated off the ground with expansive views of the Luangwa River and the park beyond. Inside bath, outdoor private shower. 3 tents can be converted to twin beds.

2 family tents
King & Twin. Private deck and connecting sections, separated by a 5m elevated walkway.

Not suitable for children younger than 9.

Mosquito nets
Powered by solar panels
Free WiFi

Plunge pool
Open air dining room
Free WiFi
Free laundry

Food & Drink
Private dining available
Bush lunch/breakfast

eCruiser – silent safaris
Walking safaris
Boating safaris

Project Luangwa guided tours – school and community

  • How safe is travel to Zambia or Malawi?

    In 2020 Zambia was ranked the 44th safest country in the world according to it’s Global Peace Index. Malawi was only a little behind as the 59th safest.

    For context: France comes in at 66 and the United States at 128…

  • How do I get to the properties?

    Check out our interactive map on this website, or get in touch with our reservations team for a helpful itinerary specific to your needs.

    The main international airports you are likely to find useful when connecting to our properties are in Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lusaka, and Lilongwe.

  • Should I be taking a malaria preventative?

    Some of our properties are in Malaria areas. Please consult your health care professional regarding prophylactics for malaria at least 6 weeks before your trip or as early as possible.

    We take every precaution to ensure guests are not bitten by mosquitoes. We employ regularly maintained, amply sized and custom-made mosquito nets, fans, and supply repellent. However, we also suggest that guests cover up in the evenings.

  • How much luggage can I bring?

    Your luggage allowance will most likely be determined by the smallest carrier on your route. Please be aware that many charter flights (small planes) will only allow 12 kg per person. Luggage allowance on International flights (from Johannesburg for instance) will be anything between 20 and 30 kg on Economy tickets.

  • What if I get sick?

    Many of our staff members are 1st Aid trained. Please ensure your medical insurance is up to date – should serious medical attention be required Speciality Emergency Services will attend to guests. For Covid-19 specific information please head to our Covid-19 information page.

  • What if I’m travelling with children?

    A luxury safari in Africa is an unforgettable experience for the whole family, and our teams are experts in keeping you all safe and entertained. We have special rates for children and family rooms at most properties. Our age limit ranges from 9 to no limit, depending on which property you visit.

  • What is the best time to go on safari?

    The most popular months are between May and September when the weather in Southern Africa is cool and dry, and the wildlife is easily visible in the thinner vegetation. Depending on the floods, Chisa Busanga is only open from June to November. However, the Green Season is an incredible time to spot baby wildlife, unforgettable sunsets, and Africa’s scenery in a burst of colour you don’t get for the rest of the year. We also have special Green Season rates.

Shawa Luangwa Camp - Agent Downloads

Shawa Luangwa Camp - Agent Downloads

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