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Sani Pass Tours offers the ultimate 4×4 adventures. Our guests experience the breathtaking beauty of Sani Pass, on a journey of hairpin bends and turns, through scenic green valleys, into Lesotho. As the most established tour operator, Sani Pass Tours offers a variety of Lesotho tours, with the day trip up the thrilling winding route of Sani Pass being the most popular. Our 4×4 vehicles provide guests with an exhilarating adventure in the utmost comfort.

Relish an opportunity to be immersed in authentic Basotho culture, breaking bread with the locals and gain a bucket-list checkmark at the highest pub in Africa. Experience remote parts of Africa that are steeped in history, with archaeological wonders such as the ancient parietal art found in Liphofung Nature Reserve, and impressive dinosaur footprints alongside the Subeng River. The beautiful scenery discovered throughout each of our tours will leave you wonderstruck.

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The Highest Pub in Africa
The Roof of Africa

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Ancient rock art
Dinosaur footprints

All of our overnight tours include accommodation at Sani Top Chalet and Katse Lodge. Sani Pass Tours works with all accommodation offerings in the Southern Drakensberg area. We recommend visiting booking sites, which incorporate all self-catering, bed & breakfast, and hotel accommodations.

Air-conditioned Toyota Land Cruisers
WiFi is available at Sani Mountain Lodge

From R940 per person

Will I need a passport?
Yes, you need a valid passport as we travel through the South African and Lesotho Border Posts on all tours.

Do I need a visa to enter Lesotho?
Currently, passports from the following countries do not require visas for Lesotho: South Africa, UK, Germany, France, and Greece.

Currently, passports from the following countries do require visas for Lesotho: India, South America, and China.

Please contact the Lesotho Embassy on 031-3072323 or to check the regulations for your country.

We are situated in a malaria-free area.

Cell coverage and WiFi
Cell coverage will be sporadic during the tour. WiFi is available at Sani Mountain Lodge, where we will stop for refreshments.

Can we use Rands to pay in Lesotho?
Yes, the Eastern Highlands accepts Rands and/or credit cards.

What to pack/wear
Warmer months: sunscreen, hat, insect repellent, sunglasses, and a warm jacket as the temperature drops as our altitude rises.

Colder months: warm clothing, outerwear suitable for snowy weather, closed shoes, beanie, scarf.

All-year: water (we suggest bringing a reusable bottle that you can refill to lower your carbon footprint), snacks, camera.

Dos and Don’ts on the drive
Do listen to your guide as he/she will provide information applicable to your tour, ensuring you have the best possible experience.
Don’t exit the vehicle unless at a designated spot, and only with the approval of your guide.
Don’t litter.
Do ask questions. There is so much to learn.
Don’t bring alcohol into the vehicles as it is not permitted.
Do have fun!
Do make it a memorable experience.

When does it snow?
Winter is the most likely time for snow but it is unpredictable. We suggest you follow Snow Report SA on social media, or check their website, to see the latest snow updates for Lesotho at

Does the tour go ahead in all weather?
YES! Due to the high altitude, the weather changes along the way and that adds to the experience. We go in all weather UNLESS the Sani Pass is closed due to extreme snow.

Do you need a 4×4 for Sani Pass?
All of our tours are conducted in closed 4X4 vehicles – Toyota Land Cruisers (custom-built 10-seaters) and Prados are used.

You can self-drive the pass at your own risk and you will require a 4X4 to travel this adventurous road. You do not need vehicle papers, just your passports. There is a toll fee at the border post. We encourage you to be cautious and experienced before undertaking the drive in your own vehicle. We have witnessed many accidents with inexperienced 4X4 drivers.

Tipping the driver/guides
We encourage you to tip our guides if you had a great experience.

Medical facilities
We have a local medical team as well as two GPs in Underberg.

How do I get there?
Fly: to Durban (DUR) or Pietermaritzburg (PZB)
Self-drive to Underberg

When should I visit?
Visitors often ask us when is the best time to visit Lesotho. However, the seasons offer a vastly different experience.

Summers get very hot in Underberg, with temperatures reaching 30°C on an average day.
Winter gets very cold but offers an exceptional experience to see the snow on the mountains.

Kids on tour
Children of all ages are welcome – please bring your own car seat if required.

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